Helping optimise the returns from dairy farmers and organisations most important asset, Milk!

MTS has been set up to make best use of Kevin Organ’s 30 years experience in the UK dairy industry. Having worked on dairy farms and completed a formal agricultural education between 1976 and 1981 Kevin has worked since then in a number of UK national and independent dairy companies where he has held senior management roles dealing with all aspects of milk procurement from farm, sales to dairy companies and all aspects of milk distribution

During these years Kevin has developed extensive contacts with all of the UK’s major dairy companies, international, national and independent and covering the full range of dairy products, such as liquid, cheese, butter and powders.

Kevin has contacts with many of the country’s leading milk hauliers as well has having links with dairy farmers and farmer groups from the Scottish Boarders to Cornwall and has been involved in the on farm development and marketing of functional and specialist milks to leading UK manufacturers and retailers.

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